Ant’s Airplanes, known for a variety of aircraft addons dating back to the FSX era, released the Tiger Moth on Microsoft Flight Simulator. This marks their second aircraft release for MSFS, followed by the Drifter Ultralight which came out early this year.

The de Havilland Tiger Moth, which also happens to also be Ant’s Airplanes first offering on FSX, is an old biplane from the WWII era which served as a military trainer for many Commonwealth nations. Even today, an estimated 250 Tiger Moths can still be found in the skies, due in part to its popularity as a historically significant yet fun to fly machine.

Ant’s Airplanes brings this classic aircraft to life thanks to the team’s access to a real aircraft held in Byron Bay, Australia. The airplane addon is fully modeled, including 10 different repaints, pilot and copilot models, a fully modelled engine, and more. The airplane appeals to all simmers since it allows users to select between easy or hard engine realism settings. In hard mode, pilots will need to monitor oil consumption and sparkplug fouling in order for the engines to perform safely. See below for additional features.

If you’re interested in purchasing this spritely biplane, you can purchase it via FastSpring, SendOwl, or on Simmarket and the Just Flight website for $17.95 USD.

Feature List

– Fully modelled aircraft including the engine, pilot and copilot models
– 10 different repaints
– Full manual engine start procedure including engine priming and propeller pull
– Autostart supported
– Easy or hard engine realism settings
– Highly detailed propeller animation
– Low oil levels cause engine failure
– Sparkplug fouling if below 900 rpm causes engine performance degradation
– GPS available
– Tablet available including user preferences, autopilot, manuals, and radio functionality
– Various user preferences are automatically saved at the end of each flight
– Customizable air intake type, pitot tube style, venturi location, show/hide the windy airspeed gauge etc.
– Tail skid or tail wheel options
– Customizable instruments
– Removable engine cowlings and prop
– Option of clean or dirty windscreens