Aircraft developer Airfoillabs has released the BRISTELL B23 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The news comes as a surprise to many as AirFoil Labs kept much of the development under wraps.

The team at AirFoil Labs has worked with the aircraft manufacturer, BRM Aero, to bring the BRISTELL B23 to life. Following an extensive year and a half development cycle, the plane is ready to buy directly via the in-sim marketplace.

The B23 is a low-wing and extremely lightweight aircraft that can carry 120 litres of fuel. This combined with a 300KG useful load means the aircraft is well suited for flight training in a number of scenarios. There is also equipment onboard that allows night-VFR flying to be conducted. The propeller that powers the plane is a three-blade constant-speed propeller. The cockpit is spacious, modern, and features two large glass screens that display the current conditions to both crew members.

You can buy the Airfoillabs BRISTELL B23 from the in-sim marketplace right now for $24.99.

Airfoillabs also say that they plan on bringing the B23 to X-Plane 12 as a ‘study-level’ plane in the future.