Although announced on April 1st of this year, Aerosoft was anything but joking when they announced their Offshore Industries add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The add-on promises to add marine traffic to the North-West of Europe in the form of different kinds and sizes of ships, boats and ferries. But the add-on also adds infrastructure such as wind turbines, substations and construction equipment for said infrastructure. And if that wasn’t enough, Aerosoft has also added a lot of of infrastructure for oil and gas (production and drilling rigs and more) to this area of the map. Mathijs Kok shared a new preview over on the Aerosoft forum showing one of the crew boats that can be controlled by the user to drive around the various scenes in this add-on. The boat looks nicely modelled and comes with wave effects, reflections, lighting and all the features we normally expect to see on our planes. In fact the preview, although only 30 seconds long, looks convincing enough to make you forget for a moment that you’re still looking at Microsoft Flight Simulator.