If you’re looking for adventure in the North Sea, then Aerosoft has you covered with the release of Offshore Landmarks: North Sea for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This scenery product covers the entire North Sea, the English Channel, and the Irish Sea, giving you plenty of new territories to explore in a way not really seen in a flight simulator before. You will be able to visit numerous oil rigs, ships and other rigs in the region from the comfort of your home.

The product comes with a huge number of features over a vast distance in the simulator. Over 380 heliports have been added, along with 196 new airports to discover across the North Sea. Among all of that are over 800 ships, substations, and various other objects with dynamic animations and lighting. You can either land on many of these boats with a helicopter or travel between them with the included crew boat. Despite over a billion polygons used in the production of the product, LOD techniques mean that you will get a smooth performance throughout.

You can buy Offshore Landmarks: North Sea right now from Aerosoft for €14.28 (excluding taxes).


Over a billion polygons

Fully usable crew boat (designed to be used with outside view only)

388 new heliports

196 new airports (ICAO codes)

78 new NDB stations

741 new ships with helideck or winch locations

72 new substations (part of a wind park) helideck

All objects with extensive LOD support, emissive and dynamic lights