FlightSim Studio, in partnership with Aerosoft, has released the Searey Amphibian LSA for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The SeaRey is a strutted high-wing monoplane with fabric-covered wings and a wingspan of 9 meters. The fuselage of the amphibious aircraft consists of a half-shell of carbon fiber reinforced plastic similar to a boat.

The aircraft supports Microsoft Flight Simulator technology such as high resolution PBR, windshield effects, icing and also interactive checklists. In addition, the plane comes with a custom sound set that is realistic to the real plane. An onboard EFB/Tablet will also allow you to see weight and balance, choose ground equipment and view your progress on a moving map.

FlightSim Studio has also included a custom electrical and fuel system, alongside various custom-coded instruments. This includes the Garmin inReach, the EIS 4000 and the GTX320.

You can pick up your own copy of the Searey Elite now from Aerosoft for €15.08.


Realistic replica of the Searey Amphibian LSA including homebuild experimental versionImpressively detailed 3D model, inside and outsideMultiple real world liveries includedCustom realistic sound setSupporting native MSFS technologies like:Windshield rain effectHigh-resolution PBR texturesVisual icing effectsInteractive checklist with auto-completionCustom EFB/Tablet with various settings:Integrated flight plan data and moving mapReal time weight & balance menuSimulated walkaround with interactive & animated check items like wheels, control surfaces, prop rotation and tie-downMultiple custom-coded instruments: Garmin inReachEIS 4000GTX320IC-A200Custom electrical and fuel pump logic to reflect the real operation of the top-mounted backward-facing engineIn-game checklist including custom camera positions and action item highlightingSeveral special features such as:Dynamic registration on liveriesCustom yaw string animationSimulated autopilot to hold altitude/heading/gps courseAnchor simulation to keep aircraft position in waterCamping equipment