Aerosoft’s A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has continued to develop over the past year and we’re now seeing a few new previews of what to expect from the wide-bodied Airbus aircraft.

In a number of posts over the past few weeks, Mr. Kok showcased a handful of new external images highlighting some of the liveries and details in the decals on the fuselage. We also get a nice wing view show.

Another focus area since the last major update was ice buildup on the aircraft’s surfaces. In the screenshots below, we see various levels of icing that have built up on the nose and wing of the A330.

As the aircraft continues to be developed, the team is also in the midst of preparing the relevant manuals so that users can take the long-haul bird to the skies. As part of this, the onboard EFB will also be documented. Mr. Kok has taken some new screenshots of how the performance tab of the EFB is looking. It’s good to note that the information has been imported over thanks to SimBrief.

Of course, major questions like pricing and release dates are still unknown at this point in time. Mr. Kok said that the plane is 89.04% complete, but that number could be arbitrary in the hopes of just answering the question that keeps popping up on the forums. It was originally due to release this year, but as sometimes happen, delays have occured.

Regardless, the plane is due to release on PC, with a release on Marketplace afterward. There are plans for the Aerosoft A330 to come to both PC and Xbox.