Development on the Aerosoft A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is making great pace if the new previews are anything to go by. Over on the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs has shared a range of new images from the plane in the simulator that showcases more of the external modelling and the cockpit.

In the first set of images, we can see that the virtual cockpit has come along really nice. It is emphasised that this is the “base modelling” of the virtual cockpit, with more attention to detail still needing to be done to be considered finished. This includes additional decal details and also some wear and tear as right now it looks freshly delivered from Toulouse.

As for the outside, a range of images were shared highlighting how the external modelling is coming along. We get some nice close-ups of the wings, the landing gear and the engines. The fuselage and wings provide a nice reflective surface for the MSFS lighting engine to really take advantage of. You can also see detail on the fuselage itself where the various sections of the plane have been put together. Even the gear bays look very detailed even at this stage of development.

Of course, we’re all wondering when the Aerosoft A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator will release. At this point in time, we know that the team are working hard to meet a deadline of having the plane ready for late this year. Delays are still possible, but at least the previews at this point are looking promising.

The Aerosoft A330 for MSFS is another jetliner to join the likes of PMDG’s 737 for MSFS, Leonardo Softhouse’s Flythemaddog X and also the Fenix Simulations A320. The world of MSFS is populating jetliners fast now and we’re keen to see even more from this development.