AeroSachs has released the Tecnam P92 Echo Classic for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The twin-seat Italian aircraft is a single-engine powered aircraft that features a high-wing and fixed-landing gear. It was first produced in March 1993 and continues to be made by Tecnam even today. Different variations were made of the P92, but this aircraft is the P92 Echo.

The team has created the aircraft with a range of features, including an interactive cockpit, interchangeable avionics, different flap systems and a dedicated sound set.

You can buy it from SIMMARKET for €19.99 (excluding taxes).


Fully interactive cockpit, every switch, lever, door is working

Dedicated custom sounds

Interchangeable avionics possible to be switched while flying: 

Passing from Analogic setup to digital with a Garmin GTN750 (both basic as well as premium versions supported)

From UL cockpit with airspeed in kmh/h and engine rotation speed to GA setup with speed in Kts/h and prop rotation speed

Different flap systems, from a system with step stops to a gradual one