Aeroplane Heaven has had a busy time as of late. From the announcement they have been working with Microsoft on the new 40th Anniversary Edition to releasing the Chipmunk for the sim. The latest news from the aircraft development team is the fact they have updated their DH Canada Chipmunk to version 1.40.

The changelog, down below, shows there has been a number of changes made to the aircraft. Radios can now be turned off, modelling and texturing issues have been addressed and a few other bugs that slipped through are now resolved.

The new update can be obtained from your original vendor and installed on the top of the version you have currently.

If you don’t own the DH Canada Chipmunk, you can buy it from various stores including Orbx and SimMarket for $28.95.


Fuel now correctly feeds from both despite the previous loaded flight or any other modifications by end user.Left fuel gauge now reading correctly.Compass bezels now correctly can be moved in an anticlockwise or clockwise direction.Rear compass lock is now independent to the front cockpit.Radios can be turned off ( NAV power is dependent on COM power )Carb heat mouse issue resolved.Ground/flight switch works closer to the real thing. This is important the battery is OFF when the switch is in the ground position. Power is provided by the external power source. Once in the air you cannot select ground power.Number 18 on the manual is in the correct place (for the Birdcage model).Copilot missing issue fixed.Minor modeling and texture issues corrected.AUW adjusted to 2100lbs.RPM performance curve adjusted. ( Low RPM mag test now results in 75 rpm drop and overal efficiency lower at lower RPM)Plain paint texture folder supplied for repainters.