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IRIS Simulations PC-21 Preview and Cockpit First Look

IRIS Simulation’s has just given us our first cockpit preview of their upcoming Pilatus PC-21, highlighting their interior level of detail throughout a few different environments. A fan-favorite of flight simmers since FSX, the tandem, two-seat military turboprop trainer has entered Beta testing and is set for an early October release for Microsoft Flight Simulator […]

Fenix A320 Updated to Version

After a few months of no news from the Fenix Simulations team, a brand new update was released to the public that improved on the already impressive A320. The new update, version, is the result of months of hard work to improve many parts of the short-haul narrow body Airbus aircraft. In the Discord […]

Panel Discussion: Gaming vs. Flight Simulation

Today at 19:00 UTC, a new seminar featuring FSElite, Helisimmer.com and Twinfinite will be joined by Evan from Flight Simulation Association in a panel discussion over ‘gaming vs flight simulation. Through the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the hobby of flight simulation has become more accessible and mainstream than ever. Does this mean we’re entering a […]

Review: FlyingIron Simulations F6F-5 Hellcat

When I switched to Microsoft Flight Simulator as my primary sim over Prepar3D a little over a year ago, I was a little lost. In P3D, I used to fly my PMDG Boeings all over the world all day long. In MSFS this was not yet possible at the time, and it left me searching […]

Aerosoft Previews Oslo-Gardermoen for MSFS

Recently, Aerosoft took to their forum to share the first previews of their Oslo-Gardermoen scenery for MSFS. The main highlights of these first screenshots are the terminal building interiors and the operation of the visual docking system placed at the gates. In addition, the screenshots provide a sense of what the interior lighting will look […]

Flightbeam KSFO Captain’s Edition Previews

Flightbeam’s own Mir has shared the first previews for their KSFO – Captain’s Edition scenery. KSFO is of course the ICAO code for San Francisco International Airport. It has been known for some time that Flightbeam is working on a MSFS rendition for one of their most popular airports, but this is the first time […]

iniScene Los Angeles International Airport Previews

Announced just earlier this month, iniScene has shared more previews of their upcoming rendition of Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) for MSFS. The previews show the Tom Bradley International Terminal with it’s iconic design as well as the just as iconic ATC tower, among other things. But most of all, the previews give a bit […]

New Freeware Hub, X-Plane.to Launched

Following the success of FlightSim.to, the team behind the popular uploading website has now launched X-Plane.to. The new site is geared exclusively towards X-Plane content, allowing Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane related content to stay separate, whilst keeping accounts and appearances unified. The new website has already plenty of uploads for new liveries, tools and […]

Orbx Introducing New Currency, Orbs

Orbx has introduced a new “in-game” currency called ‘Orbs‘. Orbs can be earned by purchasing products through Orbx, but also by completing Volanta challenges or capturing Volanta aerocaches in your simulator. Every Orbx customer will have received their personal Orbs wallet, with some Orbs already included based on your tenure with Orbx. Orbs can be […]

Nvidia Reveals Massive Performance Improvements for Microsoft Flight Simulator thanks to new DLSS 3

Nvidia today announced their next generation of graphics cards coming next month. The new RTX 40XX series of cards promises vastly improved performance thanks to its 76 billion transistors and up to 18,000 CUDA cores. This represents a 70% improvement on the previous last generation cards. That alone would be enough to get people talking, […]

Sim Update 10 Releasing Tomorrow

Following an extended period of testing and development, Microsoft has confirmed that the long-awaited release of Sim Update 10 is happening on September 21st, 2022. On social media, the team announced that the update will be pushed out to all users at 08:00am PDT / 15:00z. At this time, you may need to restart your […]

The Secret Studio Releases WBGR Miri Airport (MYY) for MSFS

The Secret Studio recently released their third airport add-on, Miri Airport, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Secret Studio initially offered their add-ons on flightsim.to before shifting to payware add-ons in order to offer higher quality products as an alternative to their freeware offerings. Miri Airport (WBGR) is sure to appeal to many simmers who wish […]

FSCGAA Releases Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan for Prepar3D

Performance-friendly scenery developer FSCGAA has released its recreation of Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ZMCK), bringing a high-altitude international aviation hub for Prepar3D users to enjoy. Situated at an altitude of 10’800ft, Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ZMCK) is the primary aviation hub in Mongolia, serving as the country’s primary port of entry. The airport is 52km south […]

Make Africa Great Again Releases Kaduna Airport for MSFS

Africa scenery developer Make Africa Great Again has released its rendition of Kaduna Airport (DNKA) for MSFS users to discover. Kaduna International Airport (DNKA) is a small regional airport serving the capital city of Kaduna state in Nigeria. The airport is located 14 miles (ca. 23 km) outside the city’s borders and has been operating since its […]

Fly2High Releases Wrocław Copernicus Airport for MSFS

MSFS scenery developer Fly2High, known for their renditions of Fresno Yosemite Airport (KFAT) and Sofia International Airport (LBSF), has released their recreation of Wrocław Copernicus Airport (EPWR) for MSFS. Wrocław Copernicus Airport (EPWR) is an international airport primarily serving the city of Wrocław, located in Lower Silesian Voivodeship in Poland. Originally constructed before World War II by Germany, the airport […]

Low-End PC Solutions Releases Lima Jorge Chavez Airport for MSFS

Low-End PC Solutions has released their recreation of Peru’s aviation hub, Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport (SPJC), for MSFS. Situated at the foot of the South American Andes, Lima’s Jorge Chávez International Airport (SPJC) is Peru’s main international airport and, thus, by extension, the primary port of entry for most tourists. The airport is the […]

FSX3D Releases Mont-Dauphin Saint-Crepin for MSFS

Calling all mountaineers and mountain flying experts, FSX3D has released their rendition of Mont-Dauphin Saint-Crepin (LFNC) for MSFS users to discover. Mont-Dauphin Saint-Crepin (LFNC) is a small regional airfield exclusively used by private pilots for recreational use and is located within the community of Mont-Dauphin in the French Mediterranean alps. The airfield is not controlled and has […]

PZL-104 Wilga 35A for MSFS enters final stages of Alpha testing

MSFS aircraft developer’s DigitalJonx PZL-104 Wilga 35A is in the final stages of Alpha testing, according to a recent article published on Microsoft Flight Simulator forums. Originally designed and manufactured in Poland in 1962 by Polish aircraft manufacturer PZL Warszawa-Okecie, the PZL-104 Wilga was intended to be a robust aircraft to be used in various civil applications, […]

TSS Releases PW-4090 Sound Pack V2 for P3D

High-quality sound package producer Turbine Sound Studios has released its second rendition of a sound package focusing on Pratt & Whitney’s PW4090 engines for Prepar3D. The Pratt & Whitney 4000 series engines comprise a set of dual-spool, high-bypass turbofan engines. The series base model, the PW4000, originally designed to produce between 52’000 and 62’000 pounds of thrust, […]

Burning Blue Design Releases Goodwood Aerodrome

Goodwood Aerodrome (EGHR) has been recreated by Burning Blue Design for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located in Southern England, the airport was originally built during WWII and was known as RAF Westhampnet. It hosted the RAF, RCAF, RNZAF as wel as the USAAF. It received the name ’Goodwood’ after the war, when the airport was transferred […]

GeoReality Releases Global Forests v2 [Europe-North America-Oceania] for X-Plane 12

GeoReality capitalizes on the recent release of X-Plane 12 Early Access with the release of Global Forests v2 [Europe-North America-Oceania] XP12. Global Forests first made its way to X-Plane 11 in the form of three volumes covering Europe, North America, and Asia-Oceania. For their release on X-Plane 12, GeoReality chose to package all three volumes […]

LatinVFR Announces Airbus A319 for MSFS

LatinVFR is back with another aircraft, following the release of various scenery and utility products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the team are bringing the Airbus A319 to the simulator. In a similar fashion to that of their A321neo, the Airbus A319 is not a study level or high fidelity add-on. When it’s made […]

Flysimware Announces Beechcraft Sierra C24R as their Next Aircraft

Following the release of the well-received Cessna 414AW Chancellor for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Flysimware is back with the project they’re working on next. On their Discord server, they confirmed that they will be working on the Beechcraft Sierra C24R for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This decision was reached as the aircraft is the “most documented aircraft […]

MM Simulations Releases Vestmannaeyjar Airport for MSFS

MM Simulations has released Vestmannaeyjar Airport (BIVM) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new airport scenery is a replica of the small island airport that is situated just off the coast of Iceland. With multiple flights to Iceland’s main airport, Reykjavík Airport, the airport is a fun destination to perform some short 25-minute hops in a […]

IronSim Releases Doha City Skyscrapers Landmarks for MSFS

Scenery developer IronSim has released a new Doha City Skyscrapers Landmarks package for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Doha is a rapidly growing city with many of the buildings and towers finished within the last decade. As a result, the city looks modern and vibrant thanks to the new architecture. The new product comes with over 100 […]

Flight Factor A320 Ultimate for X-Plane 12 – Official Trailer

Watch the official Flight Factor A320 Ultimate for X-Plane 12 trailer right now.

X-Crafts Shares a New Development video of the E-Jets Family

It’s been a little while since we last saw a development update from X-Crafts regarding their E-Jets Family of aircraft for X-Plane. However, this has changed with the latest update from the team and the newly released video. The new update was provided by the ‘Not-a-Newsletter’ email by X-Crafts, where Marko spoke about the complexities […]

Flying Low Releases the X-Plane 12 Handbook Released

Writer, Flying Low, has released a 347-page handbook to help support those buying X-Plane 12. The handbook goes through how to set up X-Plane 12, optimise the hardware and enable VR. There are various sections throughout the guide that will help you get to grips with the simulator, get the most out of performance and […]

New Blue Bird Simulations 757 Previews

Blue Bird Simulations has been previewing the 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator for many months now, with each screenshot showcasing the ongoing development of the plane. Of course, with such an iconic plane in the works, anticipation for it is very high. Over the past few days, Blue Bird Simulations has shared a handful of […]

FlightFactor Updates Aircraft Fleet for X-Plane 12

Aircraft developer FlightFactor has released a number of updates for many of its aircraft over the past week or so that give them compatibility with X-Plane 12. For the Boeing fleet, the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 from FlightFactor have been updated with a new ‘beta’ build. Not only does the new build add X-Plane […]

Drzewiecki Design Showcases Progress on Newark for MSFS

Drzewiecki Design took to social media to show the latest progress on their highly anticipated Newark Airport scenery for MSFS. The project has been in the works for some time, but these latest screenshots highlight the latest work completed on Terminals A and C. Whether you love it or hate it as a passenger, Newark […]

Stord Airport for MSFS is Now Out

Scenery developer Simport has released Sørstokken Stord Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located in Norway on the island of Stord, the small municipal regional airport has a single runway that is just shy of 5,000ft long. Typically flights are operated by DAT to Oslo and Orland. Simport has taken care to recreate an authentic-looking version […]

Adventum Tours Australia Released for MSFS

Developer Adventum Sims has released a brand new package for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the team has focused its attention on Australia and the new pack comes with 55 different activities for you to enjoy. Throughout the various missions, you will see all parts of the country. From the coastlines of the Gold Coast […]

DC Designs Previews Harrier

Over on Facebook, developer DC Designs has shown a few more previews of their upcoming AV-8B Harrier for MSFS. The developer confirms that the Harrier’s flight dynamics will indeed allow it to slightly ”bow” forward while hovering, something that was requested by several people. One of the previews indeed shows the Harrier doing just that. […]

DCS Announces A-1H Skyraider

An exciting announcement for a new module was made by the Eagle Dynamic team for DCS. Developed by a new third party developer, Crosstail Studios, the team has announced the development of an A-1H Skyraider. The A-1H Skyraider, dubbed the ’Spad’, is a single engine attack aircraft capable of carrying large loads of ordnance as […]

Navigraph Charts 8 in Beta Testing; Check out the new Preview Video

For a while now, Navigraph Charts has proven to be one of the most useful tools in the flight simulation community. Being able to access charts on pretty much any device means that navigating airports and the skies is easier than ever. However, this hasn’t stopped Navigraph from building on the tool to make it […]

Cockspur C510 Mustang – Official Trailer

Watch the official Cockspur C510 Mustang official trailer now. The C510 Mustang is in development by Cockspur, who previously brought us the likes of the A22 Foxbat and the SG38 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is due to release soon.

Impulse Simulations Releases Landmarks Townsville for MSFS

Virtual visitors to Australia will be pleased to learn that Impulse Simulations has released Landmarks Townsville for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new scenery add-on adds buildings, detail and points of interest to the coastal city that sits in northeastern Queensland, Australia. The city itself has various landmarks such as the North QLD Stadium, various military […]

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Normandy Released

It’s a great week for warbird pilots. Not only did FlyingIron Simulations release their F6F Hellcat for MSFS, but 1C Game Studios has also released IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Normandy earlier this week. Battle of Normandy is the next chapter in IL-2’s Great Battles series, which started with Battle of Stalingrad and has since seen […]

Impulse Simulations Releases Bendigo Airport for MSFS

The airport in the Australian boomtown city of Bendigo, the site of a large discovery of gold, has landed in Microsoft Flight Simulator. With two runways, this treasure trove of an airport offers a range of commercial and light aircraft operations including emergency services and flight training. Developer Impulse has paid close attention to detail […]

FlyingIron Simulations Releases F6F-5 Hellcat

FlyingIron Simulations has released the next in their lineup of warbirds: the F6F-5 Hellcat. The Hellcat is a plane developed by Grumman and was introduced in 1943. The Hellcat was a popular carrier-based fighter aircraft that was able to outperform the Japanese Zeroes and was the US Navy’s dominant fighter in the second half of […]

iniScene announces Los Angeles International Airport for MSFS

One of the biggest airports in the world is being developed by iniScene for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) is the third busiest airport in the world, seeing over 88 million passengers per year travel through its doors. It serves as a major gateway to the West Coast of the USA for […]

Parallel 42 releases Mexican Mountain for MSFS

Parallel 42 has added a new fictional airfield to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator that is ideal for those wanting to discover more remote parts of the world. Mexican Mountain (42MX) is a custom-built strip in Green River, Utah, that features mountains, lush trees, running rivers and more. It’s location offers a great spot […]

Flightsim.to soon to Launch X-Plane.to

Popular freeware distributor and payware store, Flightsim.to, has announced that they plan on soon launching a sister website dedicated to X-Plane content. X-Plane.to will be unveiled very soon to the community as a new place dedicated to enabling content creators the chance to upload, rate and share freeware content for the newly released X-Plane 12. […]

Volanta Update Released: XPL12 Support Added and More

Volanta, the popular flight sim flight tracking application, has just released their new update, version 1.3.9. This new update addresses many bug fixes, but also includes a number of useful new features. The most notable feature of the 1.3.9 update is the added support for those using X-Plane 12. If you have XPL12 Early Access […]

SimWorks Studios shares Dash 7 update

Developer SimWorks Studios shared another progress post on their Facebook page a few days ago, highlighting a short update on their Amphibian Kodiak which should be released after SU10 drops. However, the post’s main focus was the highly anticipated de Havilland Dash 7. SimWorks de Havilland Dash 7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently being developed in […]

Eagle Dynamics Previews DCS: C-130J

Eagle Dynamics released a short teaser of an upcoming C-130J module produced by Airplane Simulation Company. This marks a first for DCS in terms of full-fidelity large aircraft and is sure to enhance the rich array of military aircraft that DCS already offers. The C-130 Hercules is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft designed by […]

Laminar Research Releases X-Plane 12 Early Access

X-Plane 12 is the latest generation of flight simulator from developer Laminar Research. After many previews and teasers of the release, the platform is now ready for Early Access purchase from the X-Plane official website. X-Plane 12 promises next generation weather, lighting and environment including seasons and 3D sounds, as well as brand new aircraft […]

Verticalsim Removing VStates by the end of the Month

Developer Verticalsim has announced that they have made the unfortunate decision to remove the whole collection of VStates from their servers. As of September 25th at 11 PM EST, VStates will no longer be available to download from any source hosted by Verticalsim. The news comes as a shock and sad surprise for many who […]

Istanbul Airport for MSFS Now Available

Scenery developer SceneryTR Design has released Istanbul Airport (LTFM) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new airport product is a replica of the main international airport in Turkey, which replaced the old Ataturk Airport. The airport itself is huge, with the ability to host over 200 million passengers a year once fully opened. Istanbul Airport has […]

LHSimulations Releases Budapest Airport v2 for MSFS

LHSimulations, known for their add-ons covering the country of Hungary, released their Budapest Airport v2 (LHBP) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is the largest of the four commercial airports in Hungary, serving the capital city of Budapest. It’s a base for Ryanair and also handles significant traffic primarily within Europe but […]

FlyingIron Simulations F6F Hellcat Preview Video

YouTuber Twotonemurphy has created a preview video of FlyingIron Simulations’ upcoming F6F Hellcat. The video starts with him showing off the plane’s exterior and detailed modelling, as well as wing-folding animation. After that we can see the plane’s interior and hear the sounds, as Twotonemurphy goes through the start-up sequence. He then continues the video […]

SimToolkitPro is now at Version 1.0.0

The popular and free utility tool, SimToolkitPro, has finally been updated to version 1. SimToolkitPro launched over three years ago as a personal project for Dan and it has since grown into a tool used by thousands in the community. SimToolkitPro is typically seen as a flight tracking tool, but has grown in recent years […]

Carenado Releases Pilatus PC-12

Carenado has released their rendition of the Pilatus PC-12. The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine turboprop aircraft, popular as regional aircraft and cargo aircraft by operators all over the world. The plane is also in use by several air forces. The PC-12 is the best selling plane in its class. Carenado’s rendition of the PC-12 […]

Brief X-Plane 12 Status Update

For those of you looking forward to upgrading your X-Plane simulator from 11 to X-Plane 12 will be pleased to know that a brief statement from Laminar Research has been shared. The statement specifically spoke about the timeline of when ‘Early Access’ to X-Plane 12 will begin. It’s been made clear since the announcement of […]

FeelThere Releases Bermuda International Airport

FeelThere has released their Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport (TXKF). The scenery features an up to date rendition of the airport, including the brand-new terminal 2 building. The scenery also features accurate ground markings, night lighting, a realistic terrain slope and taxi signage. Furthermore, the team has also modelled the causeway that is used to […]

WF Scenery Studios Releases Nanjing Lukou International Airport

WF Scenery Studios has released their Nanjing Lukou International Airport (ZSNJ) scenery for MSFS. The scenery has previously been released for Prepar3D v4 and v5. Nanjing Lukou International Airport is the main airport serving the city of Nanjing. The scenery features and accurate and detailed rendition of the airport, complete with PBR textures, dynamic lights […]

RDPresets Development Update

After the successful release of their Naples scenery, RDPresets is ready to lift the veil on their upcoming projects. RDPresets next scenery project will keep them in the Mediterranean region, this time focusing on Spain with Girona-Costa Brava Airport (LEGE). This airport serves as an alternate hub to Barcelona and is a popular holiday destination, […]

Just Flight Announces Major Update to the 146 Professional for MSFS

Just Flight announced a major update for their beloved 146 Professional that includes an upgraded EFB, improved flight model, and better performance. Simmers can expect a release date sometime in September. Just Flight’s 146 Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator is a true-to-life simulation of the British Aerospace 146. The airplane add-on is enjoyed by many […]

Airworthy Designs Announces Island of St. Barths Scenery for MSFS

Airworthy Designs announced another scenery offering for Microsoft Flight Simulator – The Island of St. Barths. In a Facebook post last week, Airworthy Designs teased the scenery/airport with a screenshot of the island. The post also featured a list of what fans of the airport will be happy to hear. Not only is the whole […]

DominicDesignTeam releases Pensacola International Airport for MSFS

Developer DominicDesignTeam has brought us Pensacola International Airport (KPNS) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Pensacola International Airport is one of five major airports in Northern Florida, located 3 miles from downtown Pensacola. Even though the airport has a name that implies international flights are available, the airport only serves domestic carriers with over 20 destinations across […]

MK Studios provide ETA for Dublin’s new runway in MSFS

With the brand new runway 10L/28R recently opening at Ireland’s Dublin Airport, developer MK Studios has taken to Facebook to keep simmers in the loop with the new runway’s arrival into the sim. According to their Facebook post, the new runway will be available before Vatsim’s hugely popular Cross The Pond event, currently scheduled for […]

Boundless Releases Welshpool Airport for XP11

Wales’ stunning general aviation strip, Welshpool Airport (EGCW), is brought to life in X-Plane 11, with Boundless Scenery’s latest release. Having turned their focus on smaller, lesser-known strips across the UK, Boundless have now released the beautifully situated Welshpool Airport, located in the Severn Valley and boasting a 1020m long tarmac runway. Home to flying […]

Head to Head: Boise Airport by Orbx and Verticalsim

Tom compares the two current payware offerings of Boise Airport/Gowen Field for MSFS. Orbx released their version in June 2022 with Verticalsim releasing around a month after. Whose rendition do you prefer? Video produced by: Tom’s Planes Overview If I had to choose one, I would go with the Verticalsim version. While the terminal geometry isn’t […]

iniBuilds Announces Continued Microsoft Partnership

iniBuilds has announced a continuation of their partnership with Microsoft. Under the partnership, iniBuilds previously announced they are bringing their highly anticipated Airbus A310 to Microsoft Flight Simulator for its 40th Anniversary Edition. In the trailer released by Microsoft yesterday, several new planes were announced for the 40th Anniversary Edition. iniBuilds has now announced that […]

Verticalsim Updates Eppley Airfield for MSFS

Verticalsim has updated their Omaha Eppley Airfield (OMA/KOMA) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator to version 1.1. Omaha’s Eppley Airfield is the largest airport in the state of Nebraska and was rated as one of the top medium-sized airports in the United States in 2016. Located in eastern Nebraska, Eppley Airfield plays a crucial role in […]

EagleSoft Citation XLS+ Enters Beta Testing

In a short statement over on the Avsim forums, developer EagleSoft has announced that their Citation XLS+ has entered beta testing for Prepar3D v4 and v5. The announcement was met with enthusiasm on the forum, although some users were left a bit unhappy because the plane will lack Navigraph support and will instead implement Real […]

Aerosoft Previews Offshore Industries

Although announced on April 1st of this year, Aerosoft was anything but joking when they announced their Offshore Industries add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The add-on promises to add marine traffic to the North-West of Europe in the form of different kinds and sizes of ships, boats and ferries. But the add-on also adds infrastructure […]

MSFS 40th Anniversary Edition Date Announcement, Local Legends and City Update 1

Microsoft and Xbox are present at Gamescom, and they have shared a lot of news regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator. Let’s dive in and unpack the various announcements and trailers. 40th Anniversary Edition The 40th Anniversary Edition was announced by Microsoft a little while back. The release date of this free update has been announced as […]

PrealSoft Releases Tunis Carthage Airport for MSFS

The Tunisian capital’s dual runway airport, Tunis Carthage Airport (DTTA), has landed in Microsoft Flight Simulator with developer PrealSoft’s latest release. Serving the North African nation’s main city, the airport serves as a base for a number of airlines, such as Tunisair and Nouvelair Tunisia. With two runways both well over 2500m in length, the […]

PMDG releases the Boeing 737-800 for MSFS

PMDG has finally released the long waited and much anticipated Boeing 737-800 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is the fourth release by PMDG for MSFS, with the DC-6 released last year, the 737-700 in May and 737-600 in July. Today, the Boeing 737 is one of the most popular aircraft in the skies today and […]

Just Flight releases Cessna 172SP Classic Enhancement for MSFS

Just Flight has released a new enhancement mod for the default Cessna 172SP (standard, float plane and ski plane) included in the Premium and Premium Deluxe versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This new enhancement mod promises to boost the realism within the default Cessna 172SP, with enhancements to the electrical system such as fully functional […]

Northern Sky Studio Releases PAYA Yakutat for MSFS

Located in the southeast of the state of Alaska, USA, Yakutat airport serves the city of Yakutat which has no roadway connection with mainland USA. The airport was built to supplement the USAFs long-range capability during the Aleutian Islands campaign in 1942. In terms of airline operations today, the airport sees 737s operated by Alaska […]

Pilot Plus Updates London Biggin Hill

A small update from Pilot Plus for their most recent scenery, Biggin Hill Airport. Update v1.0.1 cleans up some ground imagery, and contains some compatibility fixes for Xbox. The update is available right now through the Pilot Plus Shop as well as Orbx Direct. The team also announced that Biggin Hill will soon be available […]

Parallel 42 Releases Bush Plane Campout and Mount Patterson Camps

Parallel 42 brings two exciting new add-ons to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Bush Plane Campout allows you to set up camp and ‘build a scenery’ for those moments you might not necessarily be spending inside your aircraft. Mount Patterson Camps on the other hand adds three new landing areas in Mono County California. Bush Plane Campout […]

iniScene Releases Ibiza Airport

After being announced earlier this month, iniScene has releases Ibiza Airport (LEIB) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Ibiza Airport is a popular Spanish holiday destination that sees a lot of (seasonal) connections to locations all over Europe. iniScene has faithfully recreated the airport with high quality modelling and textures, as well as attention to detail. The […]

MSFS Feature Discovery Series Episode 13: Garmin G1000 NXi

In Microsoft Flight Simulator’s lated Feature Discovery Series, one of Working Title Simulation’s founders, Matt Nischan, gives a feature presentation of their Garmin G1000 NXi. The G1000 NXi is an enhanced simulation of the default G1000 in MSFS, and will be included in default planes in Sim Update 10. You can already get started with […]

M’M Simulations Previews Pristina International Airport

Over on Twitter, M’M Simulations has shown some previews of their upcoming renditon of Pristina International Airport (BKPR). The previews show the terminal building of the airport, as well as some of the gates. Though most of the previews still seem to be quite early stage, untextured renders, these renders do show a nice level […]

Sim-Wings Releases Menorca for MSFS

Sim-Wings has released Menorca (LEMH) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Menorca Airport serves the Spanish island of Menorca, one of the islands in the Balearic Islands archipelago. Menorca Airport serves a number of airlines with almost exclusively seasonal destinations all over Europe. Sim-Wings’ airport, that is being published by Aerosoft, comes with several features. To begin, […]

BlackBox Simulation Updates Britten Norman BN2 Islander for MSFS

BlackBox Simulation released a major update for their BN-2 Islander light utility aircraft add-on, which was first released in May on Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander is a British aircraft that was originally designed in the 1960s. Its popularity is still apparent today with around 800 airplanes still in service for both commercial […]

PacSim Announces September Release for Incheon International Airport for MSFS

Pacific Islands Simulation (PacSim) announced a September release for their anticipated Incheon International airport scene. The airport will be PacSim’s third airport release for MSFS after Reno-Tahoe International and Cleveland International. PacSim has been previewing Incheon for some time, including quite a few screenshots as well as video footage flying around the airport. You can […]

PMDG 737-800 Releasing in August, New Video Shared

PMDG’s Rob Randazzo has taken to the forums to tell the flight simulation community the wait for the anticipated 737-800 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is almost over. The aircraft product is due to head into final testing this week and it’s planned it will be available for all by the end of the month. The […]

Burning Blue Design Releases Redhill Aerodrome for MSFS

Redhill Aerodrome, a hive of activity located just south of London, comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator courtesy of Burning Blue Design. Home to the Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance, the National Police Air Service and numerous flight schools, Redhill is a well-known airfield located in close proximity to London Gatwick Airport in the south-east […]

Aerosoft previews Mega Airport Milan Malpensa for MSFS

Developer Aerosoft has announced they are bringing the largest international airport in Northern Italy, Milan Malpensa International Airport (LIMC) to Microsoft Flight Simulator. They announced the mega airport on their blog although only teasing a few WIP screenshots of the airport, they have promised an accurate representation of the terminal buildings, hangers, control tower and […]

MSFS Sim Update 10 Delayed, World Update 11 Canada

Microsoft has issued a new development update regarding MSFS. In the development update, Jorg announced that the team has made the difficult decision to delay Sim Update 10. The update is delayed with an estimated two weeks to allow the team to resolve issues that have appeared in SU10, particularly issues concerning performance on the […]

FSDreamTeam Releases GSX Pro

FSDreamTeam has released the highly anticipated GSX Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator. GSX is an add-on improving all ground services, such as baggage handling, catering, refueling, pushback and more. GSX Pro also includes features such as animated passengers, VGDS docking systems, walk-in gates, underground refueling and more. Also included is de-icing, a feature that was […]

Microsoft Releases Beechcraft Bonanza V35

Famous Flyer #3, the Beechcraft Bonanza V35, is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The plane has been developed by Carenado and is released by Microsoft. The V35 is easily recognisable by its iconic V-shaped tail. Other distinguishable features include a one-piece windshield and trapezoidal rear windows. The V35B is part of Microsoft’s Famous Flyer […]

FSDG Releases Sharm El-Sheikh for MSFS

Egyptian holiday destination Sharm El-Sheikh is now available in Microsoft Flight Simulator with FSDG’s latest release. Situated by the stunning Red Sea the airport has two parallel runways and a vast array of parking stands across its three terminals, with the summer months seeing the airport’s peak time for movements. FSDG’s scenery is optimised for […]

First Look: FSDreamTeam’s GSX for MSFS

Patrick takes us on an early in-depth look at FSDreamTeam’s GSX Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Produced by The Flight Sim Deck.

FlightSim Studio SeaRey Enters Beta

FlightSim Studio’s SeaRey for Microsoft Flight Simulator has entered beta testing. The announcement came coupled with a feature list for the plane, that also details slight differences between the Xbox Edition and the Desktop Edition of the plane. The most important difference between the two will be the inclusion of an EFB with the Desktop […]

Virtual Airline Walker Air Accusations

Virtual Airline ‘Walker Air Transport‘ has come under scrutiny after reports from users about harassment. The accusations were made over on Reddit, with more than one user claiming that Walker Air’s owner has accessed the virtual airline’s member data in an attempt to find users’ social media accounts and reach out to them. In a […]

Cowan Simulation Releases H125 (AS350B3e) for X-Plane 11

Cowan Simulation, known for their high-fidelity helicopter add-ons, announced the release of the Airbus H125 helicopter on August 12 for X-Plane 11 (with a free upgrade to X-Plane 12 upon release). The Airbus H125 helicopter, formerly known as the Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil, is a single-engine light utility helicopter. The helicopter was initially designed and manufactured […]

Carenado set to release Pilatus PC-12 in September for MSFS

Developer Carenado has announced that their highly anticipated and long-awaited Pilatus PC-12 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator is finished, and is expected to release exclusively on the in-sim Marketplace in early September. The announcement was made on their Facebook page just a few days ago with the post already proving very popular amongst their fans. […]

DCS Sinai and WWII Marianas Status Update

In their weekly newsletter Eagle Dynamics has announced a new map being in development. The Sinai map will be developed by third party developer OnReTech, and will provide an accurate representation of the Sinai Peninsula. The map will get a size of 1500x1000km, with 700x700km of it in high detail. About 40 airfields, both military […]

Pointsoft Releases PRO-ATC/SR

Pointsoft has released PRO-ATC/SR for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D. PRO-ATC/SR is an air traffic control tool that aims to enhance your sim by giving you instructions. These range from weather reports, clearances and taxi instructions all the way to vectors, landing clearances and traffic calls. The tool takes into account standard departure and arrival […]

Stay Level Avionix Announces RealSimGear G500 and Virtual-Fly SWITCHO Compatibility

Stay Level Avionix continues to expand its portfolio of custom flight simulation avionics panels by adding compatibility for the RealSimGear G500, as well as Virtual-Fly SWITCHO product lineup. You can learn more about the all-new products in the latest YouTube video from Stay Level Avionix. The RealSimGear G500 Hardware Bezel ships in as little as […]

FS2Crew for the Fenix A320 Edition Is Now Available

FS2Crew has released its Fenix A320 Edition of its long-standing suite of products. The new product will enhance your flying experience with the (excellently reviewed) narrow-body aircraft. If you’re unfamiliar with the FS2Crew suite of products, it essentially adds the functionality of a second pilot working alongside you. You will be able to do flows […]

Watch FlyByWire’s A380 Most In-Depth Look Yet

The A380 by FlyByWire is one of the most anticipated aircraft in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We have seen a few previews of it over the past year or so, but the team has now given us the most in-depth look at the giant of the skies yet. In the two minutes of footage, […]

Just Flight Announces RJ Professional Development for MSFS

As the successor of the BAe 146, it is only natural that prominent developer Just Flight brings us the Avro RJ series to MSFS too, called RJ Professional. Manufactured by Avro International Aerospace, 170 examples of the Avro RJ were delivered between 1993 and 2003. Visually the aircraft are very similar to the popular BAe146 […]

MK-STUDIOS Releases LPPR Porto Airport for P3D

MK-STUDIOS, in partnership with Orbx, released LPPR Porto Airport for Prepar3D v4 and v5. MK-STUDIOS has 14 years of experience in flight simulation software development with a focus on utilizing the UNITY3D engine to produce true-to-life renditions of some of the world’s most popular airports. Porto Airport (LPPR), also known as Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, […]

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