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Flight FX Releases SF50 Vision Jet G2 for MSFS

First announced over a year ago Flight FX has released their SF50 Vision Jet G2 for MSFS. The developer promises that the popular VLJ has been recreated in stunning detail without sacrificing performance while still offering loads of options that simmers will be sure to enjoy. Flight FX incorporated Working Title’s Garmin G3000 avionics suite […]

PMDG Confirms 777X is ‘In The Plan’

Veteran flight sim addon developer PMDG has confirmed that the Boeing 777X is ‘in the plan’. In a post on the PMDG forums, user BWBriscoe mentioned that it would be “very cool for PMDG to launch a version [of the 777X] at the same time they start flying for airlines. Just a thought.” Within a […]

FSDG Releases Bremen for MSFS

The German developer FSDG recently released Bremen Airport (EDDW) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, stating that it’s the team’s most detailed scenery yet – an exciting announcement for one of the most well-regarded scenery developers in the game. Bremen Airport, located in the Northern German city of Bremen, has beginnings that date way back to the […]

Just Flight Shares FS Traffic Development Update

As Just Flight’s highly anticipated AI traffic product for MSFS, FS Traffic, nears release, the developer took the opportunity to provide another development update and new screenshots of the product in action. FS Traffic aims to be Just Flight’s most realistic and immersive AI traffic product while maintaining high FPS. The package will feature 48 […]

BMWorld and AMSim release Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for MSFS

Scenery developers BEAUTIFUL MODEL of the WORLD and AmSim have collaborated to bring us Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (KSEA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (commonly referred to as Sea-Tac) is a large airport located 14 miles south of downtown Seattle and 18 miles northeast of downtown Tacoma, Washington, US. Opening in 1944, Seattle-Tacoma is […]

Northern Sky Studio Releases Juneau International Airport for MSFS

Don your winter woollies and pack a pair of gloves as you venture to Alaska’s Juneau International Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Northern Sky Studio have produced their rendition of the vital transport hub located outside of the city that has no direct road access to the outside world. With routes within the state of […]

Microsoft Issues MSFS, A310 Update

A relatively small update from the Microsoft team fixes several bugs with the simulator. However, the main focus of the update is the Airbus A310 developed by iniBuilds. Several issues have been fixed related to all kinds of different aspects of the plane, such as the textures, EFB, FMC, sounds and more. The update, which […]

Leonardo Software House Updates Fly the Maddog X for Both MSFS and P3D

The team over at Leonardo Software House released an update to their beloved Fly the Maddog X for both Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as Prepar3D. New installers were rolled out for both MSFS and P3D and is available on simMarket. Maddog customers can now download and run the installer which will update the airplane […]

Orbx releases Lamezia Terme International Airport for MSFS

Just a few days after their announcement, Orbx has now released Lamezia Terme International Airport (LICA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Lamezia Terme International Airport is a medium-sized airport located just outside the city of Lamezia Terme, Calabria, Southern Italy. Opening in 1976, the airport has received a number of upgrades and modernisation work over the […]

SimWorks Studios Development Update on PC-12, Kodiak, RV-10

SimWorks Studios provided a development update via Facebook detailing their upcoming releases for MSFS including the PC-12/47, an update for their popular Kodiak turboprop, and the RV-10. PC-12 We learned that the PC-12 would not be ready for release before Christmas 2022 as planned. SimWorks Studios attributed the delay to “key people in the development […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary: Visiting Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

Microsoft Flight Simulator celebrating its 40th Anniversary is no small feat. There are only a handful of franchises in the world of video games that can say they have achieved such a milestone. In order to celebrate such a momentous occasion, a party was held in McMinnville, United States, with journalists, developers, and other special […]

JPL’s Popular Cessna 152 Mod Has a New Lead Developer

N95JPL, who created and has now worked on a freeware Cessna 152 enhancement mod for over 2 years, has officially stepped back from the project, stating on their discord server that they will be terminating their work on the project effective immediately. In a follow up post, they informed users that the project will now […]

Review: HPG Hot Air BalloonReview:

Varun gives his take on HPG’s new Hot Air Balloon Product.

JustSim Releases Oslo Gardermoen for MSFS

JustSim has released Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM) airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport, serving the capital city of Norway, is famous for its architectural look with the main terminal building being constructed mainly with wood, metal and glass. JustSim did not provide a feature list for the scenery, so the previews will need to speak […]

Fenix provide update on A320 IAE version and other developments

Progress has been made on the hugely popular A320 by Fenix Simulations, though the IAE engine variant of the airliner has seen an unfortunate setback, according to a post by their developers. Until now, only the CFM engine model has been available for Microsoft Flight Simulator users, but in a recent Reddit Post, Fenix Simulations’ […]

iniBuilds Aircraft Development Update: A310, P-40F and A300-600F.

It’s been a few weeks now since the release of MSFS’ 40th Anniversary Update that put iniBuilds A310 in the hands of everyone using the sim. The team is committed to supporting the aircraft and fixing bugs as they are found, and they are currently working on a lights rework, such as the taxi and […]

Flight Simulation Black Friday Sales

It is that time of year again when developers are offering large discounts on a vast number of flight simulation related products. We have done our best to scope out all the Black Friday sales available to you. Check out the deals below. As usual, if we have missed any, let us know so we […]

Flight Replicas Previews P-40N

Flight Replicas has taken to Facebook with previews and an update of their upcoming P-40N Warhawk. According to the update the development on the aircraft is about 98% complete. The development of the aircraft is back on track after Sim Update 11 initially threw a wrench in the works, and some code changes were necessary. […]

More Aeroplane Heaven Avro Lancaster Previews

After the first set of previews from Aeroplane Heaven of their upcoming Avro Lancaster just over a week ago, the developer is now teasing us with a new set of previews. The previews once again get up close with the plane, showing it from more angles and showing some of the aircraft internals (that have […]

Navigraph Charts 8 In-Game Panel Preview

After initially stating that the in-game panel for Navigraph Charts would not receive an update due to technical limitations, the team is now showing of an updated version of the in-game panel on Instagram. The limitations with the vector tile technology may apparently already have been solved a mere 16 days later, with the caption […]

Digital Design Releases Moscow Domodedovo for MSFS

One of the four major airports serving the Russian capital of Moscow, Domodedovo airport, comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator with Digital Design’s latest release. Boasting three runways and a vast array of parking locations, the enormous airport is the second largest airport in Russia, serving as a hub to S7 Airlines and a whole host […]

Aerosoft Offshore Landmarks: North Sea Released for MSFS

If you’re looking for adventure in the North Sea, then Aerosoft has you covered with the release of Offshore Landmarks: North Sea for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This scenery product covers the entire North Sea, the English Channel, and the Irish Sea, giving you plenty of new territories to explore in a way not really seen […]

ST Simulations Announces Maastricht-Aachen Airport

Scenery developer ST Simulations has announced Maastricht-Aachen Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Maastricht-Aachen Airport (EHBK) is located in the city of Maastricht Netherlands, but also just 15nm from the German city of Aachen. Due to its location, it has expanded into the second-largest hub for cargo in the Netherlands, with also a number of passenger […]

MK-Studios Releases Seville Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just over a month after the release of Girona Costa-Brava, MK-Studios has released Seville (LEZL) Airport scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Polish developers’ scenery has been listed on Orbx and a full product page is on the website which contains a feature list and screenshots from the upcoming scenery. Among other features, customers can […]

Majestic Software Confirms Q400 for MSFS

Developer Majestic Software, known for their renowned Q400 for Prepar3D, has at long last confirmed development of their products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In a statement made on their forums the team confirms that after two years of MSFS, and continued updates to the simulator and the SDK, they are finally able to progress with […]

Orbx announces Lamezia Terme International Airport for MSFS

Orbx is bringing Lamezia Terme International Airport (LICA) to Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the announcement being made on their forums. Lamezia Terme International Airport is a medium-sized airport located just outside the city of Lamezia Terme, Calabria, Southern Italy. The airport opened in 1976 and over the years has received a number of upgrades and […]

DC Designs Releases AV-8B Harrier II

DC Designs’ latest release adds yet another fighter jet to a steadily growing collection of such planes for MSFS. Their latest release brings us the legendary AV-8B Harrier II. The add-on features all three variants of the aircraft, those being the AV-8B, AV-8B Plus and GR9. The aircraft comes with a custom-coded VTOL mechanism that […]

World Update 12, New Avionics Updates and 2023 Roadmap Unveiled in Latest MSFS Developer Stream

The location of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s next World Update, along with a detailed roadmap for 2023, the next local legend aircraft, and exciting updates from Working Title and the teams working on Asobo’s ATR-72 were all revealed during Asobo’s most recent developer livestream where Jorg Neumann (MSFS Lead Developer) and Sebastian Wloch (Asobo Studios CEO) […]

Gaya Simulations Tease Upcoming Vienna 2.0 for MSFS

Gaya Simulations, who have been busy producing handcrafted airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator’s world updates, have shared more detail with the community on their upcoming payware sceneries, announcing Vienna 2.0 and updating us on other upcoming scenery projects. The developer and Microsoft Flight Simulator world update partner, whose social media channels had been quiet for […]

Record-breaking Hughes H-1 Racer Released for MSFS

Once a world speed record holder, the Hughes H-1 Racer is now available in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developers HCG Digital Arts Ltd announced their release is “our rendition of the original H-1 Racer. We did our best to capture as many of the original H-1’s features and specs as we could, but also added a […]

Verticalsim Previews Tampa International for MSFS

After announcing a release goal of Christmas in late October, Verticalsim has dropped the first round of previews for their upcoming Tampa International Airport scenery for MSFS on social media. Tampa International Airport (KTPA/TPA) is a favorite for leisure travelers and serves as the primary gateway to Florida’s west coast. The airport is served by […]

Looking Back on FSWeekend

Two weeks ago a part of the FSElite team visited Lelystad, the Netherlands, to attend FSWeekend. This is a flight simulator show that’s been organised already since the late 1990’s, and thus certainly an established name. Unfortunately the show had to be cancelled the last two years due to COVID, but luckily this year it […]

Orbx Shares Stockholm-Arlanda Progress Update for MSFS

Orbx developer Marcus Nyberg took to the Orbx forum to share some updates regarding the upcoming Stockholm-Arlanda scenery for MSFS. Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ESSA/ARN) is the primary international airport serving Sweden’s capital and largest city. The airport is a major hub for Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle but also is an important focus city for […]

Aerosoft Releases Airfield Bielefeld for MSFS

Aerosoft’s large collection of German airports receives another addition with the recently released Airfield Bielefeld (EDLI) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, developed by Stairport Sceneries. This general aviation airport is located in the southern part of Bielefeld and is known for all sorts of activities ranging from gliders to hot air balloons, helicopters, and of course […]

iniScene Announces Detroit Metro Wayne County for MSFS

iniScene has announced their next scenery project: Detroit Metro Wayne County (KDTW) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team has taken the feedback from their previous scenery, Los Angeles LAX, very serious, and implemented some new features and improvements in Detroit. iniScene has included several new features in Detroit, such as an animated train in the […]

FS2Crew Provides Update on PMDG 737 Edition for MSFS

FS2Crew has provided a brief update on what the status is with the PMDG 737 Edition of their multi-crew utility software. The team has been working with PMDG’s SDK to enable simmers to have a multi-crew experience with the 737, utilizing specific checklists, flows, and crew interactions. As with other FS2Crew products, it can be […]

Golden Age Simulations Meyers OTW-160 Released for P3D

Golden Age Simulations has released its OTW-160 for Prepar3D v1-5 and also FSX. The Meyers OTW (Out To Win) was a 1930s United States training biplane designed by Allen Meyers and built by his Meyers Aircraft Company. The OTW-160 was the final production variant from the team. According to Golden Age Simulations, “The OTW was […]

Fulcrum Throttle and Accessories Now Available to Pre-Order

Hardware developer Fulcrum has announced the immediate release of pre-orders for the upcoming Fulcrum Throttle, Fulcrum Trim Wheel and Pro Jetliner Levers. Pre-orders are now open for these three products, with shipping commencing from February 2023. Fulcrum’s initial Kickstarter did not reach its target goal, but the team were determined to bring it to market […]

Watch the Official X-Plane 12 Trailer

X-Plane 12 has been in an ‘early access’ state for a few months now, with multiple updates released during this period of time fixing bugs and adding new aircraft to the fray. However, Laminar Research is now just a few weeks away from releasing X-Plane 12 as a full release. To celebrate this, the team […]

Got Friends Releases 40th Anniversary: Expansion Pack Freeware

Microsoft Flight Simulator recently celebrated it’s 40th Anniversary with the release of the highly anticipated 40th Anniversary Edition, adding helicopters and gliders among a wide range of other features. The update also added a number of other aircraft, and in an effort to add even more features to the 40th Anniversary Edition, developer Got Friends […]

Miltech Simulations MV-22B Osprey Update

Miltech Simulations has issued the first update for their recently released MV-22B Osprey. The update, which goes by V1.0.1, fixes several issues with the plane. It fixes several texture issues, some system issues have been resolved and there are also a few changes to the flight dynamics. The update is available through Orbx Direct. Changelog […]

Shape the Future of Flight Simulation with the Navigraph 2022 Survey

The future of flight simulations rests firmly on your shoulders. Each year, the team at Navigraph work to create an in-depth survey that will help shape what the future what looks. Across the survey, you will be asked questions on your simulation habits, what you spend your money on, how you are influenced and what […]

ToLiss Previews New EFB and CPDLC Features

Recently, ToLiss took to social media to announce two very exciting additions coming to their Airbus aircraft in the near future: an electronic flight bag (EFB) and controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC). Both of these new features are designed to improve the realism of ToLiss’ aircraft. With technology’s rapid development, EFBs and CPDLC are now […]

Just Flight shares Fokker F28 Development Update for MSFS

Earlier this week, Just Flight shared a development update for their Fokker F28 Fellowship for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Since the last update in October, the development team have been busy adding the finishing touches to the exterior modelling and texturing of the aircraft. Other additions since the last update include fully working passenger doors, cargo […]

IVAO Releases Voice Unicom Functionality

Users of the virtual air-traffic network IVAO can now broadcast to each other over the radio without the need for an air-traffic controller, as the long awaited addition of Voice Unicom functionality has now been implemented. The new Voice Unicom functionality comes with authentic radio sounds and effects to maximise the realism that sim-pilots will […]

Orbx Announces Dublin Landmarks Pack for MSFS

Orbx has announced their latest addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator is in development – Dublin City Landmarks. The pack follows in the vein of previously released city landmark addons, such as those for London, Paris and Frankfurt. This latest Orbx addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator will feature more than 60 points of interest with physically-based […]

France VFR releases Caen Carpiquet Airport for MSFS

Scenery developer France VFR known for their Airports FRANCE and VFR Airports range has brought us Caen Carpiquet Airport (LFRK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Caen Carpiquet Airport is a small regional airport located just under 4 miles west of Caen in the region of Normandy, France. The airport opened in 1938 as a French airbase […]

Fly 2 High Releases Warsaw Chopin Airport for MSFS

Poland’s busiest airport, Warsaw Chopin Airport (EPWA), makes its way to Microsoft Flight Simulator with the recent release of Fly 2 High‘s latest add-on. The Warsaw Chopin Airport, which was originally founded in 1934, started as a hub serving many international passengers. It quickly became a base for the Polish Air Force before becoming a […]

Check out the First Footage from the FlybyWire Simulations A380X in MSFS

The team at FlyByWire Simulations made an excellent appearance during FSWeekend last week and the team brought with them some goodies for visitors to see. Alongside a mountain of stickers, the team also showcased the A380X for the first time. Whilst announced a while ago, the team has been working tirelessly to bring the aircraft […]

Boundless Releases Inverness Airport for XP11/12

After releasing a trailer on social media, scenery developer Boundless has released Inverness Airport for XP11 and XP12. For those unfamiliar with Inverness Airport (EGPE), it is located in northern Scotland and is considered to be one of the UK’s most northern airports. The airport mainly services major hub airports throughout the UK, with a […]

Aeroplane Heaven Avro Lancaster Preview

Aeroplane Heaven has been pretty tight-lipped about their Avro Lancaster that was announced earlier this year. With many wondering what had happened with this project, especially as the company also went silent about their DC-3, which later turned out to be a part of the just released Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Update, the team […]

ST Simulations Releases BIAR Akureyri Airport

Located in northern Iceland, located on the delta of the Eyjafjörður river lies Akureyri Airport, and ST Simulations latest release for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Despite the limited size of the airport, it serves the fifth largest municipality in Iceland and is an important connection to other parts of the country. It’s also visited by a […]

Adventum Simulations Releases Sightseer Japan

Adventum Simulations has released a new mission pack that will give simmers the chance to see many parts of Japan. In the product, you will add a number of discovery flights and bush trips that will allow you to see various sights of the country. In total, there are 28 different missions that will take […]

UK2000 Scenery Releases Telluride 2022 for MSFS

UK2000 has entered the US airport market again with the release of Telluride Airport (KTEX) 2022 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Claiming that they were ‘disappointed’ with the hand-crafted custom airport included with the sim, they went ahead and made one they say is more accurate. Telluride Regional Airport is around 6 miles south of Telluride […]

Parallel 42 Announces Cedar Mountain

Parallel 42 is back with another scenery package that will give bush flyers a cool place to explore and visit. This time, you will be able to discover Cedar Mountain (42CM), but you will need to watch out for the 1,500ft drop at the end of the runway. “Cedar Mountain for Microsoft Flight Simulator rests […]

Sky Simulations Releases MD-11 for MSFS

A new MD-11 has landed on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developed by Sky Simulations, the new product looks to give those looking to try the tri-engined aircraft an opportunity. The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 was first introduced in the 1990s and went on to have 200 produced. Whilst its days as a passenger jet are now over, […]

Orbx Announces Detroit Airport for XPL12 and MSFS

A new group of indie developers at Orbx have banded together in order to create Detroit Metropolitan Airport (KDTW) which will be released in the new year for X-Plane 12. Detroit Metropolitan Airport has 6 runways, spreads across 4,850 acres and features a huge amount of terminal structure, which makes it the biggest airport ever […]

SamScene3D Announced Vancouver Times for MSFS

Developer SamScene3D has announced Vancouver Times City for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Over on Facebook, the team made a short announcement and confirmed that this will be their last scenery release for 2022. You can check out the previews below. We’ll keep an eye on things and report once we learn more about a possible release.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition Released (Sim Update 11)

Microsoft Flight Simulator has just received its 27th update since it was released back in August 2020. The new update (Sim Update) is a celebration of the last 40 years of Microsoft’s longest-running franchise. You can download the update now. Whilst it is downloading, why not check out our first look impressions from the event […]

Exclusive Hands-On Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition

By now, many of you will have started the process of downloading the new 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This new free update comes jam-packed with a whole host of new features, aircraft and airports to expand your virtual world. Similarly to the Game of the Year Edition we saw in 2021, the […]

iniBuilds A310 Released for Microsoft Flight Simulator, New Training Videos Available

iniBuilds’ much-anticipated Airbus A310 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As part of the 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the A310 is dubbed as a ‘True to Life’ airliner thanks to the fact it’s the most functionality complete airline made for any base simulator. The A310 has been developed for Microsoft Flight […]

Watch the Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition Trailer Now

Microsoft Flight Simulator celebrates 40 years of flight with a brand new trailer. Sit back and watch some of the added new content and a celebration of Microsoft’s longest-running franchise.

Burning Blue Design Releases Fenland Aerodrome

Fenland Aerodrome or Fenland Airfield may be slightly remote, but that didn’t stop the Burning Blue Design team from covering it in their latest release. In true Burning Blue Design fashion, with a great amount of attention to detail, atmosphere and accuracy. The airport features over 70 custom 3D objects, and 10’s of thousands carefully […]

LatinVFR Releases Baltimore/Washington International for MSFS

After teasing a preview on social media, scenery developer LatinVFR has finally brought their Baltimore/Washington International Airport scenery over to MSFS. Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (KBWI) is a major hub for beloved low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines and is one of three major airports serving the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas. In 2005, the airport […]

Xometry Design releases Oklahoma City Will Rogers World Airport for XPL

Scenery developer Xometry Design has released Oklahoma City Will Rogers World Airport (KOKC) for both X-Plane 11 and 12. Oklahoma City Will Rogers World Airport is a medium-sized airport located 6 miles from downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US. The airport first opened in 1911 as Oklahoma City Municipal Airport but later changed its name in […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Update (Sim Update 11) Release Times

On Friday 11th November 2022, the Microsoft Flight Simulator will celebrate its 40th anniversary with a huge free update for every single person who owns the sim. Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition will include brand-new airports, aircraft, missions, improvements and more as a way to say thanks to the fans who have kept the […]

Navigraph Charts 8 Released

After much anticipation, the talented team over at Navigraph has released their 8th rendition of the Charts app. Navigraph Charts 8 features a range of new as well as updated features. Route planning has received a major overhaul. Not only is there a new visualisation for your planned route, but Charts 8 makes it easier […]

Flight Control Replay v5 Released for MSFS and P3D

Fabio Merlo has released Flight Control Replay v5 for both Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D. The all-new version of the in-sim recording tool comes packed with new features and functionality. Over the past few years, Fabio has developed Flight Control Reply as an essential tool for those looking to record their flights and save them […]

PSA: Fenix Sim Now Accepting PayPal Again

It is unusual for us to share news of a new payment method, but we appreciate that many of you are avid PayPal users. It’s also been made pretty vocal that many of you are waiting on Fenix Sim to accept PayPal again in order to be able to buy their A320 for Microsoft Flight […]

iniBuilds Announces San Antonio Landmarks and Helipads for MSFS

iniBuilds has recently taken to their forums to announce their next project titled XS81: San Antonio Landmarks and Helipads for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The same developer behind the release of iniScene San Antonio (KSAT) will be bringing a meticulous and vibrant recreation of many parts of the Alamo City. Notably, the scenery will feature a […]

AG Sim releases Varna Airport for MSFS

Scenery developer AG Sim has brought us Varna Airport (LBWN) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Varna Airport is located just over 6 miles from the coastal city of Varna, the historic maritime capital of Bulgaria. It is the third-largest airport in the country with over 29 destinations in 13 countries, the longest route to and from […]

Win Tickets to an FSElite Boat Party

Following the huge success of our FSElite party last year, we’re back with another opportunity to come party with fellow flight simulator enthusiasts. On Saturday, 19th November 2022, we’ll be partying on a boat in Reading (UK). We have a range of people already going to attend, including the FSElite team, content creators, flight sim […]

Fenix Simulations A320 updated to v1.0.6.146

This morning, Fenix Simulations released another new update to their Airbus A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This new v1.0.6.146 update addresses some bugs and includes fixes and improvements based on feedback from their customers and internal team. Some of the fixes include the TOO STEEP PATH bug on the MCDU, TCAS horizontal range, N2 volume […]

Boundless releases Shobdon Aerodrome for XPL

Scenery developer Boundless Simulations has brought us Shobdon Aerodrome (EGBS) for both X-Plane 11 and 12. Shobdon Aerodrome is a small airfield located 7 miles west of Leominster in Herefordshire, UK. Originally starting out as a British Army camp, the airfield was used by the No.5 glider training school from 1942 to 1945. In 1962 […]

First Look: MV-22B Osprey By Miltech Simulations *Pre-Release Version*

Greetings everyone! Today I am bringing you a first look of the MV-22B Osprey for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Published by Miltech Simulations, in partnership with developer Maryadi. Keep in mind, this article and video is based on my experience with the pre-release build. Some issues not mentioned here, have already been addressed. Depending on when you […]

X-Plane 12 Launching in Full Come December

During this weekend’s FSWeekend event, Laminar Research took to the stage to announce some exciting news. In December, following the Early Access release, X-Plane 12 will be released in full to the public. Dropping the early access moniker, the full release of the simulator means that the team are confident in finally pushing this out […]

Miltech Releases MV-22B Osprey for MSFS

Developer Miltech has released its most ambitious project yet; the MV-22B Osprey for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As we said before, the Osprey is a tiltlrotor aircraft mainly in use with the United States military, with several branches using the aircraft. It’s also in use by the Japanese Self-Defence Forces, and India, Indonesia and Israel have […]

Leonardo Softhouse Provides Development Update on the Fly the Maddog Series for MSFS

Following the release of the Leonardo Softhouse Fly the Maddog earlier this year, the team has been noticeably quiet. Outside of some updates here and there, the team hasn’t really provided information on what they have been working on. However, that changes today with the latest forum post from the team. In Stefano’s post, he […]

IniBuilds Announces P-40F WarHawk for MSFS

Fresh from FSWeekend, iniBuilds has announced a new type of aircraft to their fleet of products coming very soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The P-40F WarHawk is the first in a series of warbirds coming from the development team. The P-40F is an iconic aerial fighter that was used in various parts of the world […]

PMDG Releases Impressive 10th Update to 737 Product Line

This week, PMDG released the latest series of updates to the 737 Product Line for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As usual, Robert Randazzo took the PMDG Forums to detail the changes being made in this release and also to set the stage for upcoming testing as Sim Update 11 approaches. A remarkable fact is that this […]

LatinVFR is Bringing Baltimore/Washington International Airport to MSFS, First Previews

LatinVFR is back, but this time is going back to its roots with a new scenery release. Over on Facebook, the team shared new previews of Baltimore/Washington International Airport (KBWI) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. On the post, we saw three new previews of the airport in action. From the close-ups of the terminal buildings to […]

Miltech Simulations MV-22B Osprey Official Trailer

Watch the official video trailer for the recently released Miltech Simulations MC-22B Osprey for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

New MSFS Developer Sim Flight Ventures Releases Epic Ops

A newcomer to flight simulation addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator has released their first payware to the market in a unique product category. Sim Flight Ventures has released what they are calling Epic Ops; a new series of flight scenarios designed to challenge experienced simulator pilots. In “Epic Ops”, pilots will be tasked with landing […]

Watch a Brand new Cross Community Panel Discussion on Flight Simulation Media Next Week

On November 12th, 2022 at 21:00z, FSElite, MSFS Addons, TheFlyingFabio, and TwoToneMurphy will be online discussing what it’s like to play a role in flight simulation media. The live panel discussion, hosted by Flight Simulation Association, will last over an hour giving you insight into how members of the media work to bring you the […]

Aerosoft releases Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport for MSFS

Aerosoft has brought us Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (EDSB) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, developed by A-Flight. Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport is a medium-sized international airport serving Karlsruhe, the third largest city in the state of Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany. The airport is the second busiest in the state after Stuttgart International Airport and is mostly used by low-cost airlines and […]

Adventum Simulations Releases Autumn Update

Adventum Simulations has released their Autumn Update to the Adventure Tours Hawaii, bringing the current version to v1.22.210. Adventure Tours Hawaii was first released to the PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator on December 16th, 2021 allowing users to take to the skies as a tour pilot around the majestic Hawaiian islands. Exploring amazing coastlines, […]

Sierrasim Releases Olaya Herrera Airport V2 for MSFS

Sierrasim Simulation has released a new version of Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (ICAO: SKMD) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing several enhancements to the scenery. Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport V1 was originally released by Sierrasim in April 2021 with aerial images of the surrounding area, adjacent buildings, sloped runways, and emblematic buildings of Medellin city. Olaya […]

Taburet Releases UK & Ireland Farm Animals for MSFS

Making mooves in the flight sim market is Taburet’s latest release; their UK and Ireland farm animal package. Adding over four million static 3D animals into the sim, it’s clear Taburet aren’t horsing around. Promising low frame rate impacts, simmers will start to see the fields over the UK and Ireland looking realistically populated. With […]

PKSim releases Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport for MSFS

Scenery developer PKSim has brought us Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport (SPJC) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport is Peru’s main international and domestic airport located 7 miles northwest of Lima, the nation’s Capital. The airport is served by a multitude of different airlines with over 60 destinations in 18 countries, the […]

IniBuilds Adding X-Plane 12 Compatibility for A300 ON THE LINE

IniBuilds released the original A300 over 2 years ago for X-Plane 11 and it has seen various large-scale improvements since. However, when the news broke that iniBuilds would be producing aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, as part of the upcoming 40th anniversary update, many were curious about whether the developer had moved on from X-Plane. […]

Ioannina Airport by RealTurb Released for MSFS

A new Greek airport is available to buy for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developer RealTurb has released Ioannina Airport (LGIO) and offers simmers a chance to see the Greek city. The airport has been built following the new terminal which finally came into service as of 2019. It features a single 2400m runway but offers a […]

FlightSimBuddy for MSFS Released

FlightSimBuddy is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. FlightSimBuddy is a flight planning utility tool that aims to assist you at multiple phases of your flight. Among its features are planning tools, flight sharing, a scratchpad, chart viewer and checklist creator. The companion app, only available on iOS, also supports voice commands as an extra […]

AKD Studio Releases GLF550 – Ultimate Business Jet for XP

After more than two years, AKD Studio is happy to announce the release of their GLF550 – Ultimate Business Jet. The plane is modelled after a Gulfstream G550, but for legal reasons can’t be called the same. The G550 is a popular business jet for both civil and military operators. AKD Studio’s GLF550 comes with […]

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