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FlyByWire Simulations Releases flyPadOS 3; A Feature-Rich Onboard EFB

The team behind the free A32NX for Microsoft Flight Simulator has issued a new update to the onboard EFB that adds a range of new features and makes it more user-friendly than ever before. Described as a “best in class” EFB experience, the new flyPadOS 3 adds a refreshed user experience and features that help […]

Marwan Gharib / FlightFX HJET HA420 Released for MSFS

At long last, Marwan Gharib has released the HJet HA420 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developer Marwan Gharib has been working on the HJet for Microsoft Flight Simulator for the best part of three years and decided to work with FlightFX for publication duties. The partnership aligns with the vision of both parties as it allows […]

Boundless Updates Dublin to v1.1

Boundless’ Dublin Airport was released earlier this month for X-Plane 11, but the team has already updated the airport scenery to include a few new features and fix some issues that arose upon release. Amongst the changes are fixes to runway markings, improved taxiway textures and also an improved tower viewpoint. One of the biggest […]

FSReborn’s TZ-Ultralight Sting S4 Is Now Available

Following the announcement earlier this month, FSReborn’s TZ-Ultralight Sting S4 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator in the in-sim Marketplace. The Sting S4 is a composite aircraft with a powerful front-engine, meaning this thing is fast, light and speedy. FSReborn has created a realistic rendition of the aircraft, using the new Microsoft Flight Simulator […]

Boundless Releases Blackpool Airport for XPL

Scenery developer Boundless is back with another release for X-Plane 11. This time, the team heads to the North West coast of the UK with Blackpool Airport (EGNH). The airport used to be a small base for UK airlines but has since turned into a major GA airfield in the region. Alongside the GA traffic […]

Review: Fenix Simulations A320

The past month has seen an explosion in high fidelity aircraft addons into the Flight Simulator scene. We’ve gone from the best jet aircraft available being the freeware Fly-By-Wire A320NEO, to having a slew of options from multiple generations. Fenix Simulations, the new kid on the block, has thrown their hat in the ring with […]

Just Flight Shares Development Update on the PA-38

Just Flight is going non-stop in creating new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The latest development update from the team is for the next GA aircraft to join their impressive line-up. This time, it’s the PA-38 Tomahawk. The Tomahawk continues to push the envelope for GA planes within the simulator, and the team are bringing […]

SimToolKitPro Version v0.9.0 Fast Approaching

SimToolKitPro, the free flight tracking application that works across multiple simulators, continues to see progress from the developer. In the last few weeks, Dan from STKP has been sharing various development blog posts which show what users can expect when version 0.9.0 of the freeware tool is released. Perhaps one of the most significant changes […]

X-Plane 12 Dev Deep Dive – Ep 1: The New World

Welcome to the X-Plane 12 Dev Deep-Dives series. In this series of content, FSElite goes behind the scenes with the Laminar Research team on a huge number of topics with the upcoming release of X-Plane 12. During the next few weeks, we will learn about all aspects of X-Plane 12 from the marketing and sound […]

PMDG 737 for MSFS Getting Pop-Ups and EFB Soon

Robert from PMDG is back with another blog post detailing what has been going on behind the scenes at the company since the release of the 737 for MSFS three weeks ago. Unfortunately, the promised update two weeks after the initial release has yet to be released, but Robert did give an indication of what […]

X-Plane 12 Dev Deep Dive – Ep 0: Intro to Series

Welcome to the X-Plane 12 Dev Deep-Dives series. In this series of content, FSElite goes behind the scenes with the Laminar Research team on a huge number of topics with the upcoming release of X-Plane 12. During the next few weeks, we will learn about all aspects of X-Plane 12 from the marketing and sound […]

Northern Sky Studio Announces Lanai Airport

Northern Sky Studio took to the Orbx forums earlier this week to share the news that they are working on Lanai Airport (PHNY) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Lanai Airport is located in Maui County in Hawaii and is the only airport on the island itself. Flights typically only fly to nearby locations such as Honolulu, […]

FeelThere Releases Frankfurt Airport for MSFS

FeelThere is back with another major airport, but this time in Europe. The team has decided to head to Germany and has created a version of Frankfurt Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Frankfurt Airport (EDDF) is one of the busiest in Europe, with Lufthansa dominating the airports various terminals. The German airline is joined by […]

AmSim Releases Cagliari Elmas Airport

Following the release of Maderia, AmSim is back with another island airport release. This time, they take a trip to the Italian island of Sardinia with the release of Cagliari Elmas Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport first opened way back in 1937 and has since numerous upgrades and improvements since. Whilst its last […]

Xometry Eagle County Released for MSFS

Scenery developer Xometry has released Eagle County Airport (KEGE) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Eagle County airport is the perfect way to discover Eagle Valley and the surrounding area. The airport poses a challenge due to the surrounding terrain and ever-changing weather conditions in the valley. Airlines such […]

Burning Blue Designs Releases Denham Aerodrome

If you’re after another GA airfield for your Microsoft Flight Simulator collection, then Burning Blue Designs has you covered with the release of Denham Aerodrome (EGLD). Denham Aerodrome is located near Denham, Buckinghamshire, within the M25 towards the west of London. It is home to the local flying school, The Pilot Centre. Aircrafts have been […]

Top Gun: Maverick Expansion for MSFS Now Available

The long-awaited ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ expansion pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available. The expansion was announced in summer last year, and set to release alongside the release of the movie on November 19. However, with the delay of the movie also came a delay of the expansion pack. The Top Gun: Maverick expansion […]

Flightbeam Confirms Future Airport Developments Focused in North America

Scenery developer Flightbeam has taken to their blog to announce what future products will look like for the company. After a stint in New Zealand, Flightbeam is returning to the USA with a focus on major airports around the country. In the blog post, Mir confirmed that there are four airports in development by himself […]

NZA Simulations Releases Mount Cook Region for MSFS [Giveaway Inside]

After an extensive development period, NZA Simulations has released its Mount Cook Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located in the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, this scenic part of the world will see you flying near New Zealand’s highest mountains and largest glaciers. Taking off from Mount Cook Airport (NZMC) will give you remarkable views […]

Fulcrum One Throttle Kickstarter Opens

UK hardware manufacturer, Fulcrum, has opened up a new Kickstarter page to help fund a brand new all-metal construction 6-axis throttle set. The Fulcrum One Throttle is a brand new product from the team that brought you the One Yoke. The all-metal construction means this yoke will be durable whilst having a realistic and smooth […]

Verticalsim Omaha-Eppley Field Released for MSFS

Scenery developer Verticalsim is back with a brand new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the team headed to Nebraska to bring us Omaha-Eppley Field. Omaha-Eppley Field Airport serves both Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa and sees airlines from across the US visit on a regular basis. Southwest, Allegiant Air and Delta Connection serve […]

iniScene Releases Buffalo Niagara Airport for MSFS

iniScene has released Buffalo Niagara Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Dubbed as one of their best creations yet, this new release brings this New York state airport to life in MSFS. Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF) is one of the US’ oldest public airports, which has seen tremendous transformations over the years. Due to the […]

AUScene Releases Reefworld for MSFS

Scenery developer AUScene has released a new product for Microsoft Flight Simulator that is a little different from the norm. Reefworld is a new way to discover the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s best natural landmarks, featuring thousands of kilometres of coral, marine life and gorgeous views. Many […]

A2A Simulations Says “The Comanche is Going to be Wonderful” for MSFS

A2A Simulations, known for their excellent products in Prepar3D and FSX are seemingly close to revealing a lot more about their upcoming Comanche for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Scott Gentile took to the A2A forums to speak about how “wonderful” the aircraft is going to be when it does eventually release. Speaking on the forum, Scott […]

UK2000 Scenery Releases Gary Airport for MSFS

UK2000 Scenery has released Gary Airport (KGYY) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly released airport product from the UK team is a rendition of “Chicago’s third airport.” In 2013 passenger services terminated to Gary Airport, but there is still plenty of flying to and from the airport from corporate jets. Due to its location to […]

Tutorial: Setting up the Fenix Simulations A320

Here’s a brief overview on how to setup the brand new Fenix Simulations A320. simBrief Link:

PMDG 737 Development Update

A bit over a week after the release of the 737-700 for MSFS, Robert Randazzo has given an update on the PMDG forums to talk about some of the updates to the plane that they are working on. Several customers have reported some issues with the 737, although the plane has generally been well received. […]

Fenix Simulations’ A320 Receives First Update

The Fenix Simulations A320 has received its first update, just a few days after its initial launch. The new update addresses a number of community-found bugs and a handful of requests that improve on the high-fidelity A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Version is the result of feedback left to the team following the release […]

FlightFX Honda Jet Releasing May 31st

In a dramatic and narrated trailer video, FlightFX has confirmed that their Honda Jet will be released on May 31st. Developer Marwan Gharib has been working on the Honda Jet for Microsoft Flight Simulator for the best part of three years and decided to work with FlightFX for publication duties. The partnership aligns with the […]

Tutorial: Using the Fenix Simulations A320 EFB

Here’s a brief overview on how to use the brand new Fenix Simulations A320 onboard EFB. We cover each of the included apps, some neat tricks and how to bring the EFB to your external device.

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update Italy and Malta – Official Trailer

World Update IX brings Italy to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator with enhanced detail and immersive activities that will take you into the region’s grandeur. Fly throughout the historic cities of Rome and Venice, soar above Mediterranean coastlines, and navigate through sheer-faced peaks, all rendered in lifelike realism with World Update IX: Italy and Malta. […]

Laminar Research Provides X-Plane 12 Development Update

Laminar Research has taken to their blog to give a bit more insight on how things are progressing with X-Plane 12. The next-generation flight simulator is advancing nicely and the “Early Access” release is inching closer. During the “Early Access” phase, everyone who wants to will be able to purchase X-Plane 12. It will be […]

Fenix Simulations A320 for MSFS Now Available

After only a few days of content from the Fenix Simulations team (and content creators), every simmer can now buy and download the hotly anticipated A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Fenix Simulations A320 is the most advanced simulation of the Airbus narrow-body plane created for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Fenix has included a completer autoflight […]

Mega Airport Ben Gurion for MSFS Updated

Scenery developer David Rosenfeld has updated his Ben Gurion Airport scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Ben Gurion Airport (LLBG, Tel Aviv) is located in Israel and serves as the largest airport in the region. The changelog provided by David on his Facebook page indicated that the update comes with new animated passengers, WigWags and also […]

Fenix Simulations A320 – Further Launch Details Shared

The Fenix Simulations A320 edges closer and closer to release for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Fenix CEO, Aamir, shared another update in the early hours of the morning confirming that they believe they have “built [the] final release candidate.” First and foremost, this does not mean the Fenix Simulations A320 is available. The release candidate is […]

RDPresets Releases Rotterdam The Hague V2 for MSFS and XPL

Developer RDPresets has released Rotterdam The Hague Airport v2 for both Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 11. This is a completely redone version of the airport following the release of the original late last year. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is an airport in the Netherlands and serves as a hub for Transavia. The airport flies […]

Introducing simpleFCU: A new Dedicated Autopilot Controller

A new flight simulation company called simpleFCU has appeared and its goal is to produce affordable autopilot modules for the flight simulation community. simpleFCU’s first product is an Airbus-style autopilot deck. You can ditch the keyboard and mouse to control your autopilot and use this creative new desktop box to control those functions. This brand […]

FSReborn Announces Sting S4 for Microsoft Flight Simulator; Comes with Full BRS

FSReborn has announced that they will soon be bringing the Sting S4 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. What is particularly unique about this aircraft is that it comes with a full Ballistic Rescue System (BRS) that comes with a fully dynamic flight model and physics. The Sting S4 is a composite aircraft with a powerful front-engine, […]

Fenix A320 Pricing Revealed; New Previews and Huge Update

It has been several months since we last really heard from Fenix regarding its A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, that period of silence has well and truly lifted with Aamir giving a comprehensive update post. Inside this post, he revealed what the team has been working on, new previews and the pricing for the […]

Watch the Fenix A320 In Action; NDA Lifted

The Fenix A320 will soon be flooding the internet thanks to the fact that the NDA is now lifted. This means streamers, testers and content creators can now share their first look at the upcoming Airbus aircraft. So far, two streamers have confirmed their go-live with content. First up is KatiePilot, who has been closely […]

RDPresets Rotterdam The Hague Airport v2 – Official Trailer

RDPresets released Rotterdam the Hague Airport earlier this month and now the official trailer is ready to watch. Check out how this European airport looks in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Those who owned the original v1 version can get the v2 as a free update. If you don’t already own the original then you can pick […]

Black Square Announces Velocity XL for MSFS

Black Square has announced that they will be bringing the Velocity XL to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer had previously worked on the improved taxiway signage at European and US airports, Real Taxiways, but has now turned its attention to this unique aircraft. The Velocity XL is a high-performance, single-engine aircraft with composite construction. This […]

Orbx Hollywood Burbank v2 Now Available

After a few weeks of previews from the Orbx team, the latest update to Hollywood Burbank (KBUR) has been made available. Developed by Matteo Veneziani, Hollywood Burbank Airport v2 is the result of 18-months of learning and listening to customer feedback from the previous version. Matteo no longer relies on default textures for the ground […]

Sim-Wings Gran Canaria for MSFS Released

Developer Sim-Wings has released Gran Canaria Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The largest airport in the Canary Islands is now ready to be yours and offers simmers the chance to replicate flights to Europe and South America. The airport is a popular holiday destination for tourists in Europe thanks to its year-round sunshine and numerous […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update IX: Italy & Malta Is Now Available

The latest World Update is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. World Update IX: Italy and Malta is the biggest World Update yet released by the MSFS team and updates a stunning area of the world with all-new details. World Update IX: Italy and Malta focus on the countries mentioned with all new terrain data, […]

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